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There are no educational prerequisites for this workshop. 

There will be hands-on periods where you'll be working on creating a site. 

Technical Prerequisites - Please be prepared with the following: 
  • Bring Your Laptop - with a fully charged battery (there aren't many power outlets). Hands-on exercises take 1 hour.
    • Browser - editing Google Sites requires a modern browser as defined here:
      • If you' re not sure, perform our quick Browser Test.
      • (beware a Windows XP system running an old version of Firefox doesn't work here).
    • Reminder List
      • wifi - you'll need to sign onto wifi in the meeting room
      • if you do need to plug in, consider bringing a power strip to share the plugs
      • don't forget to bring your mouse if you use one.
Homework to Prepare:
  • Please complete Exercise 1 'My First Site' BEFORE coming to the workshop.  This will verify that your account and laptop are ready for the workshop.  It can be completed in under 15 minutes.  Visit:  Ex1: My First Site
  • Photos - Bring a couple photos on your computer – as samples to work with (preferable the file sizes aren't too big, < 200K so we don't overwhelm the Wifi).
  • Photos - You may also want to add the photos into your Picasa Web Albums / Google + Photos at:
  • Google Drive – have a couple sample files – a document, sheet, or something.  We'll use these samples to experiment with embedding items into webpages.

* You can sign up for a Google account without creating a new gmail email address.  You can use any existing email address (, etc.) similar to creating an account at other websites such as Shutterfly.
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