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Editor Tasks

Users with Editor permissions can perform most common editing tasks for the operation of a team site. 

Key activities include:
  • Add, Delete & Rearrange Pages - full access
  • Edit Pages - full ability to edit content on all pages of a team site.
  • Other - minor items
For changes outside this scope, such as those listed on the Owner Tasks page, contact a site owner.

Add, Delete, Rearrange Pages 

Performing any add, delete or rearrange page tasks automatically includes the following site adjustments:
  • Menu - automatically adjusts to the changes
  • Permissions - automatically assigned based upon where the page is placed in the site.
      • Members Private - area visible to team members
      • Leads Private - area visible only to the leadership team
      • Otherwise - pages are public
    • URLs - address to pages automatically adjust to location within site.

    Add Page 

    Starting at the page you would like to be the parent of the new page...
    • Use the create page button in the main toolbar.
    • In the dialog, for 'Select a location' choose 'Put page under <my current page>'
    • All page templates are available - the standard 'Web Page' as well as 'Announcements', etc.

    Delete Page

    To delete a page, starting on the page you want to delete, use the command: More actions -> Delete Page

    Rearrange Pages

    Editors may rearrange site pages by accessing the site map at: More actions -> Manage Site -> Pages
    • On this screen, drag pages to new locations to rearrange the site map.

    Edit pages

    Editors have full ability to edit all content on all the pages of a team site.  Refer to the techniques taught in the Basic Skills and Intermediate Skills sections of this site.

    Embedding Files and Folders

    When considering embedding folders or files (or adding links to them), Please review the Organizing Data and Files page for best practices tips on embedding folders/files and/or linking to them.

    TBD - add more?


    Editors have access to a variety of additional site editing capabilities.

    A couple a potentially useful:
    • Subscribe to site/page changes - ability to receive an email message when the site (or just a specific page) gets edited.
    • Attachments - the ability to review, revise and remove files attached to site pages.
    While others probably won't ever be needed by a team site editor:
    Some infrequently used features are also available to editors from the sidebar listing including:
    • Page Templates - the ability to create and edit custom page templates.  Unlikely
    • Apps Scripts - ability to create Google Apps Scripts for use with the site.

    Subscribe to Changes

    Since a site can have multiple editors/owners you may want to know when other people are making changes to the website. 
    • Google Sites has a Subscribe to site (or page-specific) changes capability that notifies you when changes occur. 
    • Receive Email - whenever anyone makes changes you'll receive an email message showing the page edits
    More Actions -> Subscribe to Page Changes
    More Actions -> Subscribe to Site Changes


    Attachments are files directly attached to the website, e.g., images such as the screen shots included in this site.

    • Team sites would typically only use Attachments for adding images to a site.
    • Google Drive is the preferred tool for sharing other types of files.  Then files in Drive are included in the site by embedding Drive folders, or otherwise referencing the files which reside in Drive.
    Access page attachments using command: More actions -> Manage Site -> Attachments  

    The attachments administrative interface allows editors to review, rename, replace, move and delete files.
    • Replace is the most useful feature.  For instance, assume you have an image that gets used in one or more places within your site.  When you have a new image to replace the original, you simple go to this interface and replace the original with the new file.  At that point the new image appears in place of the original images wherever referenced (without needing to edit each individual we page).