Team Sites

Team Collaboration Sites are a style of Google Site that presents the team's Google resources in one place, a 'home base'.  This allows the team to access all resources via a single website URL.
  • While Google offers numerous services that are beneficial for team collaboration - Google Calendar, Drive, Groups, Hangouts & Sites to name the core set - the services aren't presented using a tightly integrated user interface without a Goggle Site.
This module provides insights about how to prepare and operate team sites. Content falls into two categories:

Normal Activities

This information and tasks are useful in the day to day operation of a team site.
  • Characteristics - describes the qualities of a team site, with insights how the setup enables efficient normal activities.
  • Organizing Data and Files - learn effective ways to manage data and organize files in Google Drive for efficient integration into Google Sites.
  • Editor Tasks - the scope of editing tasks and tips for how to perform them.

Infrequent Activities

These activities are performed by the team's Information Technology (IT) leaders or by the organizations IT administrators.
  • Owner Tasks - performed by a 'site owner', these tasks are rarely performed once a site is smoothly running.