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Ready, Aim, Fire!
Have clear goals BEFORE you start building.


  • What are you planning to say?
  • Who's your audience?


  • Use the Post-it method - jot down things you'd like to include, then...
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Organize your content

  • Categories - may become main menu sections
  • Subcategories - sub-menu
  • URLs - simple crisp words & consider long term stability for external references *
  • Types of Content
    • Text, images, embedded files, etc.
Document the proposed site map in a spreadsheet.

Tools Selection

What tools are necessary?  Selecting tools early allows them to be effectively integrated into the design.
  • Google Sites capabilities
  • Other Google Services - Calendar, Drive, Groups, etc.
  • non-Google tools
Effective planning will save significant time when building the site.

* For URLs and the Site Map
  • Select simple crisp words when naming pages for URLs
  • Arrange the Site map for long-term stability
  • Maintaining a stable URL is important in situations where there will be external links referencing directly to pages in the site
    • A Newsletter may include multiple links into a site
    • Providing links to a portfolio of work samples