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Access Google Sites

Ready to use Google Sites? Get started here:


  • Google Account
  • Internet Connection
    • Since the site, files and editing tools are cloud-based, you can't work on your site unless you're connected.
  • Browser - most are supported.  Chrome and Firefox may have fewer glitches than IE and Safari (all pretty good lately).
  • Edit from most any device:  computers, tablets and even smartphones
    • Mobile Limitation - a couple objects don't run on mobile browsers.


To access to Google Sites tools to edit your site:

    Go to and sign in.

  1. Sign in to your Google Account at any Google page.
  2. Click on the Apps button that appears in the top right, it looks like:  Apps Button
  3. Click the Google Sites Button:  

    If you don't see Sites in your apps list, click on 'More' at the bottom. Then look for Sites in the extended list. Also is you see a prompt, add it to your priority list.