The sidebar supports the following:
  • Navigation - automatic and manual menu modes. Manual menus can link to external URLs in addition to pages within the site. For details visit Menus page.
  • Text - add a textbox to the sidebar - this textbox has the same capabilities the textbox for a page, including formatted text, links and images.
  • Recent site activity
  • My recent activity - a list of recent activity by the currently signed-in user
  • Countdown - countdown days to a specific date
  • Site owners - display names
  • Page authors - display recent page authors
It is possible to include multiple versions of the same item.  For example there could be 2 upcoming events each using a countdown item.

The most common is to use multiple Navigation items:
  • A primary navigation is configured as a site menu (either automatic or manual)
  • A secondary navigation can be configured as a 'Quick Links' section (in this use case it does not function as a site menu)
  • Each navigation item can have a unique title.
View Sidebar examples at:  

Configure the Sidebar

Start by entering 'Edit site layout' mode:  More actions -> Edit Site Layout
  • To adjust the sidebar width and justification: look at the top of the sidebar for a black bar labeled 'Sidebar' and click on the edit button (pencil icon).  
  • To add a sidebar item: look at the top of the sidebar for a black bar labeled 'Sidebar' and click on the "+" (plus sign).  A dialog box appears with a list of items to select one.
  • To edit an existing item: click on the sidebar item and a dialog box will appear where you can make changes
  • To delete a sidebar item: hover over the item, and when the black bar appears at the top to the item, click the "X".
  • To rearrange sidebar items: drag and drop sidebar items to rearrange the sequence.
When done editing the sidebar, click the blue 'Close' button in the upper right.