Google Sites supports automatic and manually configured navigation menus. View examples:

    Sidebar   Horizontal
  • Matches the site menu
  • Level of depth set as desired (up to all)
    • default 2 levels
  • Only site pages (not external URLs)


 Manual - manually configured entries
  • Add only the pages you want included 
    • easy to have hidden pages
    • items can appear multiple times
  • Include site pages and URLs
    • URLs can be external to site
    • URLs can be to headings on a page
  • supports multiple levels
  • Example: This site's menu

  • supports 2 menu levels
    • Main menu
    • One drop-down level
  • Styles: buttons, links or tabs
  • Justify: left, center or right
  • The sidebar navigation elements has a configurable title. 
  • A navigation element can be used in Manual mode as a Links gadget for quick links within the site/business or for external links.
  • Multiple menus can be used - a single horizontal menu and one or more sidebar navigation menus.

Configuring Menus

Begin menu configuration using:  More actions -> Edit Site Layout  

Google Sites Sidebar Configure Navigation image
For horizontal navigation, enable/disable using 'Horizontal navigation' button, and click on the 'Horizontal Navigation' area at the bottom of the header to edit.  Setup the menu using the dialog box.

For sidebar navigation, click on the sidebar navigation element to edit.  Adjust menu settings using the dialog box.  To add a new navigation element, click on the '+' sign in the top of the sidebar and select the desired item.

Manual setup is performed using the dialog box - refer to the image.
  • Add Page is used to select from a site map
  • Add URL fields include: Text to display, URL and 'open this link in a new window
  • Use arrows at right to change sequence of entries and to indent levels.
  • Etc.