Edit Site Layout

The Site layout is edited by visiting:  More actions -> Edit site layout

Within the scope of Site Layout are:
  • Sidebar - the Sidebar and its Menu are covered on separate pages.
  • Horizontal Navigation - covered on the Menus page.
  • Header - add a logo and adjust header settings. Enable/disable using 'Header' button, and click on the header area to edit settings.
  • Footer - Custom - supports formatted text, links and images. Enable/disable using 'Custom footer' button, and click on the 'Custom footer' area to edit.
  • Footer - System - click on the system footer to adjust settings.
  • Site width - set the site width to a specific pixel count or percent of full width.
For a novice, common changes are:  
  • Menu / Sidebar
  • Custom footer - add a copyright notice
  • Header - add a logo