Page Templates

Google Sites has standard Page Templates and supports Custom Page Templates.

Standard Templates

  • Web Page - the basic page that is typically used.

  • Announcements - To create a blog-like listing (but visitors can't comment).
    • The template is a main page - the top is editable, and postings appear below. View example.
    • The 'New Post' button creates a subpage that is edited in standard manner.
    • A 'Recent Posts' gadget is used to embed summary info into other pages. View gadget example.

  • File Cabinet - A framework for sharing files on your website. View example.
      • A 'Recent files' gadget is also available.
    • Recommendation: use Google Drive for managing files, and skip this capability.  
      • Embed a Google Drive folder into a page.

  • List - tool for creating and managing lists. View example.
    • preconfigured formats: Action items, Issue lists, Unit Status, plus 'Create your own'.
    • Field formats supported: checkbox, date, dropdown, text and URL.
    • only site editors can edit list entries. A 'Recent list items' gadget is also available.

  • Start Page - a page to hold personal gadgets. View example.
    • Similar to Google's former start page.
    • Relevant for personal private sites.

Custom Templates

Custom Templates can be created and edited as desired.
  • A template can be created from any existing site page.
  • A template can be edited and includes revisions.


  • prepare a personal standard for use on the site
  • generating a nicely formatted newsletter