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To insert non-Google Objects, mostly Gadgets use command:

Insert -> Gadgets

Sites Elements

Show info from Page Templates 

Recent Posts

  • A gadget displaying a summary of an 'Announcements' page. View example.

Recently Updated Files

  • Gadget listing recentchanges to a 'File Cabinet' page. View example.

Recent List Items

  • Gadget listing recent entries to a 'List Items' page. View example.

Text Box

  • A text box can include formatted text, links and images.  See example at right.


  • This object processes the contents as HTML. It can contain HTML, CSS and JavaScript however any code is limited to function within the scope of the HTML box. The HTML box will only appear as a 'box' if the HTML is coded to draw one. See "HTML Box Example" a very simple example. (TBD improve)

More Gadgets

Access an extended library of Google and 3rd-party provided gadgets for use in sites.

Insert -> Gadgets -> More gadgets

Insert a wide variety of items such as:
  • Frame (to embed a page from elsewhere on the web, perhaps your Blog).
  • Clocks
  • Games
  • MP3 player
  • News feeds
  • PayPal
  • Twitter
  • Weather

Embed pages using frames

Here's how to embed a page from another site into your Google Site.  This is done by inserting a frame gadget into a page o your site.  Get the gadget using this command:

Insert -> Gadgets -> More gadgets

Then search for:  Include Gadget (iframe)  and select the gadget.

On the gadget settings page enter the URL for the page you will embed.  And continue with standard gadget setup.

  1. Copyright - You should have permission from the source site that you may embed other site's content into your site.
  2. Website security - features in the source website may prevent you from embedding its pages/content.  
    • Google Sites, for example, has a security feature to enable/disable embedding.  On the 'More Actions > Manage Site > General' page, there's a setting checkbox called "Security: Allow embedding of your site into other sites." which by default is disabled.
  3. Search - a Google Site's search feature - the 'Search' field in the header - will not find content that appears in embedded pages since the content of the gadget belongs to another website and really isn't part of the Google Site.



Text Box Example

Hello this is standard text within a text box. The text box can contain:
  • regular text with typical formatting
  • tables,
  • links 
  • images



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