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Many Google Services can be readily integrated into a Site.

We've already covered Drive and Photo/Video items.  This page covers the rest.

Insert -> Google

Items include:
  • Apps Scripts
  • Calendar - embed a single calendar or a multi-calendar object
  • Chart (previously covered in the Drive discussion)
  • Google+ - Posts (in addition to Photo and Photo Album)
  • Group
  • Hangout - Start Hangout button and Call Phone Button
  • Map

The embedding process works the same way as previously covered items.



The process of integrating these items is consistent with items previous covered, so not repeated here.

In addition to the base cases for embedding each element type, special cases may exist and relevant notes included here.


The multi calendar gadget created using the Insert -> Google -> Calendars does not include the drop down arrow in the top right that permits a viewed to toggle on/off each of the included calendars.

If this feature is necessary, it can be done but the process to prepare it is more complex.