Learn how to build a website using Google Sites! 

This site provides tutorial information to orient visitors on the capabilities of Google Sites and guide learners through steps and methods for creating, editing and maintaining a Google Site.

Note: this site covers Google 'Classic Sites', which has more functionality that the recently announced 'New Sites' that's still under development.

This site serves two functions: 1) online reference materials and advice for using Google Sites; 2) Workshop materials.

Workshop Materials

The workshop specific materials begin in the Workshop section.  
  • Information such as prerequisites, objectives, agenda, handouts and final wrap-up provide a workshop-oriented 'wrapper' for teaching content found in the reference materials sections.
  • Workshop are often scheduled as a fast-paced 3-4 hour session, however can be extended to a full day for greater depth.
  • Note the workshop does not cover all reference materials pages, rather teaches main concepts. Typically the general cases at the top of pages are covered, while leaving the details enumerating implementing specific cases for post-workshop reference.
  • Self-paced instruction - if you are using this site for self-paced online instruction, follow the menu from top-to-bottom for a reasonable sequence.
Attendees: please be prepared with these prerequisites

Reference Materials

The site contains overview, instructions and advice for using Google Sites.
  • Organized in skill-level modules, topics are introduced at suitable points and detail for a student's development.
  • Examples to illustrate Google Sites features and capabilities are implemented both in the this site and separate external sites.
  • Advice and trade-off considerations are offered for making choices when faced with multiple ways to implement a desired capability (i.e., photos).
  • This site is NOT intended to be a replacement for the official Google Site Help Center (it is useful and referenced regularly).
  • Rather, this site prioritizes learning topics and conveys real world considerations, from the perspective of an experienced Sites webmaster.
The content includes: