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Bode, CA photo
Photo: Page Attachment 
Drive file: Bach 
Slideshow from PicasaWeb Albums / Google+


Photos can be added to the Google Site from several sources:
  • Site Page Attachments
  • Google Drive
  • PicasaWeb Albums/Google+
When a photo is initially added to a page, a link is associated with the image, so clicking on the image will take you to the photo (or the service hosting the photo).  An editor may choose to remove the link.

Page Attachment

This photo is attached to the page. So the photo's URL is:  LearnGoogleSites.steveraab.com/examples/photos/Bode-CA2.jpg  Clicking shows the plain image in a browser window.

Bode, CA photo

Drive File

An image embedded from Google Drive loads the entire file, and then the browser scales the image to fit, resulting in slower loading when handling large images. 

Clicking opens Drive Viewer presenting the image. 

PicasaWeb Albums

PicasaWeb Albums scales the photo to a suitable image size resulting in faster loading.

Clicking opens a Google+/PicasaWeb Albums service webpage containing the photo.


Photo Album from Google+ / PicasaWeb Albums:

Demo Photo Set 1


Videos can be included from either YouTube or Google Drive.  Google also permits you to store video within PicasaWeb Albums/Google+, however there isn't a method to embed them in a Site:
  • Google Drive
  • YouTube
Notes:  The same source video was placed into both services.  The original video clip was slightly out of focus.

Drive File

Drive file: Colin Violin Recital 2014-10 - Bach


YouTube Video