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Drive Files

Most Google Drive files can be added to a website, either simply including a link, or by embedding an object. 
All native Google format files can be embedded into Sites pages.


Embedding a Drive folder into a page is an effective way to provide quick access to the files within, especially when the files are changing often.


Open Examples folder to view in Drive 


Here's a Google Docs file:

Sample Docs File

Open Sample Docs File in Google Drive viewer.


Here's a Google Sheets:

Sample Sheets File

Open Sample Sheets File in Google Drive viewer.

Note: While a sheet opens to it's default (leftmost) tab in normal use, there is a method to select and embed any tab desired.  Refer to instructions at bottom.


Although Charts are not separate files in Google Drive, any charts that exist in your Drive files are available to embed in a site.  Chart data can be published as static data, or can dynamically update along with change to the underlying source file.


Here's a Google Slides file:
Open Sample Slides Presentation File in Google Drive viewer.



Note: when embedding a Google Drawing, the entire drawing page gets embedded, you can't crop down to the content desired.  If the form-factors don't match, the drawing image size is reduced so it completely fits in the object and gets padded with blank space.


A form can be embedded directly into a webpage.  In addition to making the form an integral part of the site, this also allows you to direct people to a nice website URL, rather than a cryptic Google Drive URL.

Visit the Feedback Survey page for an example of an embedded Form.


Since non-Google file format can also be stored in Drive, it's desirable to embed these files into Site pages as well. A quick review of the Edit -> Insert -> Drive menu might be discouraging, since there are no obvious methods available.  Fortunately it is possible, using a 'less than obvious' method described on the Insert/Google-Drive page.

The following types of files can be embedded:
  • .pdf
  • .txt
  • MS Office (Word .doc, docx, Excel .xls, .xslx, Powerpoint .ppt, pptx)
  • perhaps others (unverified)


PDF from Google Drive

Open PDF File in Google Drive viewer.


text file

Open sample-text-file in Google Drive viewer.

Text files can be viewed using Drive Viewer and embedded into Sites pages, however they can not be edited in Drive.

Microsoft Office

MS word

Open Sample Word Document in Google Drive viewer.


Instructions for how to embed these items are on the Insert/Google-Drive page.

Sizes may be set by the site editor.

The additional link under each embedded item is optional and added separately.  The additional link allows viewers to open the file to print, download and edit the file depending on permissions.