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Object Positioning

When embedding an object from the Insert menu:

1. Create the object - use command:  Insert -> 
  • The object is placed onto the page at cursor position (the same as typing text).  
  • If you need to move it, use 'drag and drop' or cut and paste.
2. Configure - The object settings (accessible via the 'Gear' button), include relevant size fields for height and width:  
  • number = number of pixels 
  • blank = full width (100%)
  • percent = % of page width, i.e., 50%, 80% 100%
3. Position the object using the controls that appear when you click the object:
  • Justification - left, center, right
  • Wrapping - on / off
  • Photo size - several size choices also appear (if they don't work for you, edit the size in HTML)

Note: Objects, such as the Table of Contents, appear 'grayed out' during edit mode.    
To see how the object will appear, Save the page.