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Links pull the web together, they access:


How to Create Links 

To create a link, use the Links Button in the toolbar:   Link Button Icon

If you had highlighted a URL or email address prior to clicking the Links button, a link is immediately created.

Otherwise a Links dialog appears for you to setup your link.

With all links you have the option to have the link open in a new browser tab.

Link Dialog for Site PagePages on a site

The dialog offers a list of site pages to select one.

See image.

To a heading on a page

  • If a page has a table of contents, copy the URL for the desired section from the page's TOC.  
  • Then paste this into the Link dialog box as a 'Web address'.

External Sites

Link Dialog Box Web Address
Enter the URL as a 'Web address'.  It is typical for sites to configure links to external sites so they are opened in a new tab, so that the person visiting your site continues to have a tab containing your site.

See image.

Send Email

  • The quickest way to prepare an email link is to type the email address as page content then highlight it and click on the 'link' button.  Once the link is created you can change the link text that displays.
  • Open the Link dialog box, and use the 'Web address' tab.  For URL follow this format:  (no spaces), and enter your desired display text.
    • Preconfigured Subject: Additionally if you want the email to be preconfigured with a subject line use a format like:!%20Beep! .  This one has a subject: "Beep! Beep!" (note spaces are not permitted, if you need one to appear, type '%20')

Run Scripts

Links can be used to launch Google Apps Scripts (if you prepared any scripts). To create the link, open the Link dialog box and select the 'Apps Scripts' tab.

Google Apps Scripts is an advanced topic.