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WWW Tools

Growing beyond the core Google Sites tool into broader World Wide Web (www) topics typically includes:
  • Domain Names - in particular how do I use my own domain name?
  • Search / Getting Found - how can I make my site show up in Search Engine results?
  • Analytics - how do I get traffic statistics for my site?
To embrace all of the above will require you to utilize several tools/services in an interdependent manner.  The chart is a bit messy - unfortunately - and understanding it the first time you're setting it up can feel daunting.  However once it's configured you typically just edit you site using Google Sites and view traffic statistics in Google Analytics.

You don't need to use all these, just use what you want. If you're happy using the URL provided by Google Sites, the setup can be quite simple to get your site showing up in search results.


Google Sites doesn't take care of everything on its own.  Rather there are several tools which interact and support each other to get your site onto the World Wide Web (www).
  • Google Sites - browser-based website editing tool and website hosting service - sites operate at:
  • Domain Registrar - a registrar service for DNS settings (non-Google 3rd party).
  • Google Webmaster Tools - TBD
  • Google Analytics - statistics about user traffic to your site.

TBD - add details