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SEO & Analytics

Getting Found and Measuring Traffic


What can I do so that my people find my website? This is the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Here are some things you can do within your Google Site:

Site Permissions

  • If your site is public, make sure Sharing Permissions are set to 'Public on the Web' (not just 'Anyone with the link').  'Public on the Web' means that search engines can find and index your site.


You can add keywords to both the site and to specific pages:
  • Site: More actions -> Manage Site -> General   'Site Description' 
  • Page: More actions -> Page Settings   'Page Description' 
TBD - more


How much traffic does my site have and what are visitors doing at my site? This is the purview of Analytics.

Google Analytics is a tool you can use to measure activity.

Use your  Google Account to sign up for a Google Analytics account.  Next you need to add your site to the Google Analytics account, then you can view activity reports.

TBD - add more about how to sign up